Maps-to-Marketing™: KMZ Snapshot™

Marketers often need a quick market snapshot of a geographic area that cannot be defined by standard geographies like zip code, county or a radius. KMZ Snapshot™ solves this problem.

Simply upload your polygon (KMZ or SHP file format)* and define your snap shot parameters (select only one of the following):

  • Residential and Business Mail Counts (Address level counts of Single Family Residences, MDU's and Business mail stops)

  • Consumer Counts (address level counts of consumers including up to two demographic filters like Income, Home Ownership, Presence of Children)

  • Business Counts (address level counts of all businesses by SIC or NAICS)

Want complex data analysis? No problem. We do that, too!

Use your own GIS application to draw polygons that define your target market. If you do not have a GIS Mapping Application, download and install Google Earth Pro**. Then follow these Step-by-Step Instructions for creating and saving a polygon.

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