Hail Storm Analysis

Identify and Communicate with Households and Businesses Impacted by a Hail Event

Whether it is current customers or prospective ones that have been impacted by a Hail Event, you only want to identify and communicate with those that HAVE been impacted.

Current customer data may be intersected with a GIS Meteorilogical Map of a Hail Event. You can identify those current customers that are likely to have been impacted--by hail size and duration--and those that have not.

Prospect data may be mined by intersecting Consumer or Business Information with the Hail Event map to identify those that may need your services.

You can even use your own street-level knowledge of an event and the underlying market to refine the mapping strategy. Create a KMZ Snapshot™ of an area of interest (Click here to learn how) and we can intersect your KMZ Snapshot™ with the Hail Event data—and the underlying consumer and business information.

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