IP-OTTTM is Over the Top (OTT) Advertising!

Expand your advertising reach with IP-OTTTM and get seen.

Over 25% of U.S. households will be streaming by the end of 2022. Target cord cutters while they are watching TV. More expensive than other media, but often worth the extra advertising investment. Why?  Your ads only play when the audience is actively engaged in the streamed video content.

Simliar to IP-MatchTM for digital display ads, IP-OTT  does not use cookies to target households. Proprietary techology matches physical addresses to the IP Adress of the modem in the home. You get true address-level targeting of your OTT ads.

Even better, address-level targeting means address-level attribution. Ask us how we can show you true ROI vs clicks, impressions and "engagement".

This is not a cookie based append but a true Mailing Address-to-IP Match!

Call us to find out why this is essential: 800-792-8812.

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